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Ricky Snodgrass Creative is ideal if you are trying to find solutions for any aspect of online training. Having an education background, I create learning materials based around key learning theories to ensure that an interactive, interesting and engaging experience is delivered to customers. Through eLearning, I have also begun to expand my digital services to offer web services, including SEO development and design, including web and print.

Ricky Snodgrass Creative - Ricky sits beside a lake

Interactive, interesting and engaging learning materials to deliver educational content to your customers

WordPress solutions for business or eduction to allow you to display your content clear and effectively

Ricky Snodgrass Creative. Graphic design. Different coloured pencils.


From logos to posters to books, graphic design solutions to display any or all of your content

Ricky Snodgrass Creative Blog

When I get the chance, I like to create content for areas that I do not often get chance to work with. I also sometimes try to write little bits about varying topics, everything from the digital fields I work with to education in general.


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