So I have dabbled in and out of the eLearning challenges before on eLearning Heroes and must have so many unfinished ones that I never perfected and therefore never published. So now I have given myself 1 hour to do each challenge, and by the end of that I make sure I have something that can be published. I see a challenge I think I may use in my work, I may spend a bit longer, but 1 hour is the aim.

This week the aim was to include lego as the main learning/teaching aid. I nearly went down the idea of using bricks to tackle some sort of tetris themed game. However, 1 HOUR! So I have had the idea for hangman playing about in my head for a while. Although it uses quite a few variables and states, I had a plan formulated that most of them can be duplicated and save a lot of time.

This took around 50 minutes to make, but I just couldn’t bring myself to tie a noose around a lego man’s head, so I did it in reverse. I only got a chance to develop a couple of rounds, but managed to make a template in the process. If you would like the template, please get in contact with me on twitter and I will be more than happy to provide it.

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