eLearning Development

At Ricky Snodgrass Creative we pride ourselves in our online education creation. We use a variety of methods to turn your content into interactive, engaging material. No matter how big or small a project, we use key learning theory to ensure you provide key educational content for your learners. Accomponied with one of our VLE installations you can get your online education off to a flying start.

Ricky Snodgrass Creative. eLearning development. A macbook beside a pen and notepad.

Our eLearning Development


By using different methods, all our online material is designed to have interactive elements that keep you learners focused on the content from the first title to the final slide.


Everything we create is yours. You give us the content and we create something that is specific to you, that we guarentee you will love. Any specific requests? No problem, we accommodate everything you need.


All our eLearning development is designed not only to be informative but engaging, so your content is delivered not only to learners who need to know it, but also people who want to know it.


Using different methods we can add different levels of trackability into any of the eLearning we create for you. From simply knowing how many people clicks your resources to full student reports, we have a solution for you.

What We Do

We can take any of your existing eLearning, update it and make it interactive and engaging.


We can take content you have written and bring your material to life for your learners.


We can work with you to develop your content and figure out the best way forward for your online material.



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