This weeks eLearning hero challenge couldn’t have been timed better for myself. Recently I have been playing with the idea of allowing learners to navigate around activities in any order they want, so I have used a few different contents slides to allow them to do this.

I think contents slides are brilliant to allow this freedom inside an activity, they mean that you can suggest an order, whilst actually allowing them to just jump in and out of content if they wish to do so. With a few slight tweaks, you can also allow them to track the activities they have completed. And lastly, if you wish to do so, you can actually lock down a ‘final’ activity so that it can’t be completed until prior activities have been done. Basically, 1 slide gives you a vast amount of options with very little work involved.

SO here are my two that I have done over the last week, templated up, so if you would like the file, please contact me on twitter @RickySnodgrass.


#1: Hover contents slide – No fancy stuff, plain and simple, looks beautiful and links through to other content.

#2: Suggested order, tracks progress and can quite easily lock a final activity down due to the variables that already exist.


I may keep adding to this post, let me know if you want the files and please let me know what you think of these.

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